20forty is Online Negotiation and Leading Health Care Products & Medical Equipment Store. We do Clinic and hospital setups at the economical range for our customers. Our E-negotiation makes online shopping easy and affordable. Our existing product line exhibits the medical products, medical devices, medical instruments, mother-care products, fitness products, yoga equipment and mats, dental products, mobility aids, medical machines, hospital furniture and more.      


We are the one-stop online shopping destination India offers a multitude of unique products, machines, equipment, tools for your clinic setup, hospital setup or healthcare center setup.  


Our AIM -

We aim to supply world-class quality products to our customers at highly reasonable price. We have tie-ups with top 4000 brands which is the biggest in its own. We supply world-class high-quality products with exceptional functionality at attractive and affordable prices to meet the high demand in the field of clinical and hospital Industry. We have future plans to expand our product line too.


We started our company in December 2017 to help our customers in an economical hospital and clinic setup and to provide medical products at reasonable cost which ultimately contributes the society to make it a better place for living.


Why Choose us -

  1. A wide range of products line.

  2. Products at an affordable and reasonable cost.

  3. Online / Real-time Negotiation Option.

  4. 100% Original Products.

  5. Utmost Customer Convenience.

  6. 100% Guaranteed Negotiation Deals.


Our Achievements -

  • 50+ Setups in 2018

  • 5 Branches in India

  • 5000+ Customers

  • Services in PAN India

  • 35+ Physiotherapy Setups

  • 13+ Clinic Setups

  • 9+ Pathology Setups

  • 8+ Exercise Setups

  • 7+ OT Setups  


Our USP -

Our E-Negotiation/ Online Bargaining/ Online Negotiation system which makes things easy for our customers. This system gives the opportunity to the customers to bargain online before buying the products from our website. With real-time bargaining feature on our website, you can get products at an affordable price.


Our Mission -  

The Mission of 20forty is to make Online Shopping and buying, easy and affordable for customers and healthcare professionals. We aim to set accessible, compassionate, high quality, cost-effective healthcare centers for clients which ultimately gives an advantage to the community.

Our Vision -

20forty will be an advanced, innovative, leading online medical & other product suppliers. Which is dedicated to advancing the health and transforming the lives of the people in the society by offering unique and innovative features like giving products demo & services via videography conversation & Artificial Intelligence.


Our wide range of existing product line includes - Rehabilitation products, Mobility aids, health care product online, Medical equipment, home medical equipment, Medical accessories, Hospital Furniture & Equipment, Hospital & Medical Supplies,  First aid kits, Online Fitness products, Gym Machines, Support & braces, Surgical dressing, Walking aids, Wheel Chair, BP Machine, Physiotherapy Aids, Physiotherapy tools & equipment, Mother care products, Medical instrument, Baby care products, Medical devices, Medical books, Beauty products, Dental products, Blood pressure & diabetic devices and many more Medical and healthcare products from various top brands.